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Detachable Towbars

What Are Detachable Tow bars?

A detachable towbar is a tow bar that is able to be detached from a vehicle and then reattached when it needs to be. Detachable tow bars are generally used by people who don't need to have a toward on their vehicle at all times and maybe need to use it a few times a year.

Detachable tow bars are popular as they don’t affect the appearance of your vehicle because of their ability to be removed when not in use, they are also usually thought of as not being as strong as a fixed towbar which is not the case as detachable towbars have the same strength as a fixed towbar. There are different types of detachable towbars available for example horizontal towbars and vertical towbars.

What Are The Different Types Of Detachable Towbars?

There are 2 types of detachable towbars available, vertical towbars and horizontal towbars. Vertical towbars have an electric plate that is able to be folded away behind the bumper when it is not being used, making it hidden from view.

Some key features of a vertical detachable towbar are that you can carry multiple bicycles at once,there is a lock and key provided to prevent theft, the neck of the towbar can be removed, and stored safely when it is not needed if you're worried about the look of your vehicle when the towbar is attached. Horizontal towbars have most of the same features of a vertical towbar, one of the only differences between the two is that the direction of where the towbar neck is inserted is different.

How Does A Detachable Towbar Work?

Detachable towbars work by being locked into place so that they are safely secured to your car. When attempting to remove a detachable towbar you will not be able to do so without using the release mechanism that locks the detachable towbar in place you will also need to unlock it which you cannot do without a key which prevents theft and will give you peace of mind that your towbar is safely attached to your vehicle, once your towbar has been removed you can store it in the storage bag that is provided with it and store it away in the trunk of your vehicle.

What Are The Benefits Of Detachable Towbars?

Detachable towbars have many different benefits to them some including the fact the the neck can be removed and the rest will be hidden from view if you are concerned about the look of your vehicle.

The removal of the towbars neck will not interfere with any parking sensors on your car, it is secure as it has a lock and key only the owner has access to, and it can be used for leisure like towing caravans, motorhomes and carrying multiple bicycles and they can also be used for work purposes like towing trailers with work equipment in them or they could be used to tow other vehicles that have broken down.