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Detachable Towbars

A detachable towbar may be the right towbar choice for you if you’re looking for something truly versatile. With these parts, you only need to attach the towbar when it’s actually in use – meaning that the rest of the time, your vehicle will be more aesthetically pleasing.

There are a range of different detachable towbars available, including:

  • Horizontal towbars. These are more typical on older vehicles, and in many cases our customers will choose a more modern design. However, we are still more than happy to attach horizontal towbars where appropriate – particularly if the shape of the car means that they are more suitable.
  • Vertical towbars. These have an advantage because the design means that the fixed part of the towbar will generally be hidden from view – great if you have aesthetic concerns. Not every vehicle can fit a vertical towbar, but where possible these will usually be the preferred choice.

Choosing a detachable towbar from FastFitz

With FastFitz, you’re guaranteed a great part as well as great service – the two most important things when having any sort of work done to your vehicle. In our many years of experience, we’ve fitted different types of towbars on a huge range of different vehicles. So, no matter what you throw at us, our team will be up to the challenge!

We also have the expertise to help you choose the right part for your needs. A detachable towbar may not be the perfect choice for every situation. While there are a number of benefits – for instance, they are easily removed and help to avoid issues with rear parking sensors – there are also some downsides. For instance, the tow ball height cannot be fitted and they cannot be used in conjunction with bumper protectors.

To make sure you select the right towbar, why not get in touch with the team today? Simply fill out our online contact form, let us know what you’re after and we’ll handle the rest.