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Motor movers

What Is A Motor Mover?

A motor mover is a device which is either manual or electrically powered is clamped to rollers that are attached to the wheels of a caravan, it is used to move a caravan in whichever direction it needs to go, it allows the caravan to be moved over most land and it is even able to go up small slopes, it is controlled by a hand held device.

Motor movers use power from the caravans battery. Its best to determine what kind of motor mover is best for your caravan manual or electrically powered, you also have to consider things like the steepness of your driveway and how large or small your caravan is.

What Is The Difference Between Manual And Powered Motor Movers?

One of the main differences between the two types of motor movers are that powered caravan motors work by pushing a button on the handheld device for the caravan to start moving whilst manual caravan motor movers need to have a bar inserted into the mover and turn it yourself to move the roller towards the wheel.

Also whilst manual motor movers are cheaper, they do require manual labor which isn't always possible for older people, people with disabilities or people who don't have that much upper body strength. It is probably best to go with a powered motor mover as it's only the push of a button for it to work.

Who Fits Motor Movers?

It is highly recommended that you have your motor fitted by a professional, if your motor mover is fit by someone who has the experience and training to do so you can be sure that it has been fitted safely and correctly, it will save time and money to get your motor mover installed by a professional fitter.

Also if you use a service that fits motor movers they will be able to advise you with years of knowledge on which kind of motor mover is best for your caravan and give tips on how to maintain your motor mover.

Why Do I Need A Motor Mover?

Motor movers are ideal for people who regularly use their caravan, they are able to move caravans into tight spaces they also increase security by making the caravan harder to access preventing anyone breaking in, motor movers make your caravan more precise reducing any damages caused by accidental collisions they are also able to stop and start by pushing the handheld button.

Overall they make it much easier to manoeuvre your caravan on campsites or when putting back into storage..