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Parking Sensors

What Are Parking Sensors?

Parking sensors on vehicles can also be known as proximity sensors are devices that are found on the bumper of a vehicle, it is used to help the driver of the vehicle when they are parking.

Parking sensors measure the closeness of an object that would be approaching the vehicle whether it be at the front or at the back the parking sensor will alert the driver of the vehicle that something is getting too close, the parking sensor will typically produce a loud beeping sound that will get more frequent and faster as it is approaching the object.

How Do Parking Sensors Work

Parking sensors work by using ultrasonic sensors, which is an instrument that is used to measure the distance from an object to your vehicle using ultrasonic sound waves. Parking sensors will emit a sound to alert the driver that you're close in proximity to something.

There are three different types of parking sensors that are available, ultrasonic parking sensors, electromagnetic parking sensors and rear facing cameras, choosing which one depends on what kind of vehicle you drive and what features you want it to have.

What Are The Types Of Parking Sensors?

There are three different types of parking sensors, electromagnetic parking sensors which can notice any object that could be surrounding the vehicle, these parking sensors uses a frequency to make an electromagnetic field which will detect anything that happens to enter it, then there are ultrasonic parking sensors which can work when the vehicle is or isn’t moving, it uses sound waves to see if there are any objects in front of the sensor, ultrasonic parking sensors make a loud sound to alert the driver of the vehicle that there is an object in the proximity of the vehicle.

Lastly there are rear facing cameras which show you what is in front or behind your vehicle, it typically turns on by itself when the vehicle is put into reverse.

What Are The Benefits Of Parking Sensors?

There are many benefit of having parking sensors installed onto your vehicle some of them include, parking sensors help reduce any blind spots around your vehicle, the reduce the chance of any potential damage to your vehicle and other objects, they remove any stress about parking it tight spaces, they reduce accidents because the alert will sound warning your of hitting any objects and they make parking safer.