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Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are an important bit of kit, enabling you to avoid unnecessary collisions or simply park into a tight space, without damaging your car on something you didn’t even see – no matter how good your observation was!

All drivers know that visibility sometimes isn’t that great – no matter which mirror you check or how far you crane your neck. Parking sensors are the ideal solution for ensuring that you don’t cause damage to your vehicle or to the surrounding environment.

How do parking sensors from FastFitz work?

Parking sensors work in the same way as bats navigate the skies – using smart ultrasonic technology, they emit sound waves at the rear of your car. When one of those waves strikes an object, the information is relayed back to your parking sensors, and communicated to you via audio and visual alerts.

There are plenty of benefits to installing parking sensors on your vehicle today. Sensors offer real benefits to the safety of both you, your occupants, and anyone around your car. More than that, if your parking sensors prevented just one accident, then they’ll have paid for themselves – after all, most insurance policies still require a minimum excess policy of £100. Oh, and let’s not forget how much more confident a driver you’ll when you’ve got a little ultrasonic help at the back of your car.

Here at FastFitz, we offer a range of mounting options, These include:

  • Traditional flush fitted sensors featuring both audio-only or audio-visual feedback
  • Individual adhesive parking sensors that offer total convenience
  • Bumper mounted strips
  • Reverse camera systems

So, no matter what vehicle you have, or what feedback system you prefer, we’ve always got the parking sensors that’s perfect for you.

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